TARVOS Laptop Backpack


Ideal backpack for university, work, business trips, made of quality fabric that is resistant to water and wear.

USB port It incorporates an external USB port to charge your mobile phone.

Large capacity and professional design.
Unisex computer cloth backpack with large internal and external pockets.
Specific compartment for tablet or laptop

Safe and ergonomic
Fabric backpack with adjustable, padded shoulder straps.
Easy to adapt according to needs.
Its design protects the spine by relieving pressure and distributing weight.

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The resistance prevails against different external affectations such as humidity, dust and frequent friction Wear is reduced and durability is a differential factor of the outstanding backpack.


Presents added value from your USB port to charge your mobile device anywhere you are In this sense, the backpack becomes a fantastic companion for specific trips or tours.


Las alternativas de compartimentos que tiene la mochila son tanto externas como internas, facilitando así la organización para actividades laborales, de capacitación o cualquier iniciativa adicional. Also, the closures are soft and durable.


Se exhiben dimensiones pensadas para almacenar todo lo necesario sin que su traslado resulte incómodo. On the other hand, it has resistance to humidity, preventing sweat or rain from damaging the elements inside.


The back is usually the area in which backpacks and weight affect directly. However, these drawbacks are dissipated by the ergonomic design of each ‘S’ shaped tie rod, which balances the load and minimizes accumulated stresses.

  • Measurements: 41 x 28 x 12 cm. Unisex and available in black and gray.

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Weight 0,570 kg
Dimensions 29 × 40 × 12 cm


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