Luggage Organizers Set


It is a set of bags to organize travel luggage, with six pieces that will give you the ease of assembling a suitcase in seconds, being able to store all your clothes and dirty clothes from toiletries.

It is very practical and complete, recommended for frequent travelers who want to organize their travel suitcase.

They are very spacious and in their upper part they have a mesh that provides both good ventilation to avoid bad odors, and the possibility of seeing what is inside without having to open them.

Different compartments with appropriate sizes for each of your garments, which allow you to save space inside the suitcase and pack in the most convenient way.

They are made of waterproof material and very light so they will also keep all your garments protected from accidental spills inside the luggage.


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  • 39 x 29 x 11 cms
  • 29 x 27x 11
  • 28,5 x 19 x 11
  • 34 x 27 x 0,5
  • 26 x 25 x 0,5
  • 25 x 16,5 x 0,5 Ripstop Polyester
    set 255 g

Additional information

Weight 0,255 kg
Dimensions 39 × 29 × 1 cm


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